About Us

Nexa Data believes that people bring value to companies.

Nexa Data is a youthful and dynamic company, born from the need to provide solutions for the development of applications and integrated software for the management of the gaming reality.

The Company is consolidated in two areas of the IT market: specialist consultancy and production of innovative software solutions in Gamification, AR and Mobile Apps. Also, Serious Gaming where we create digital culture through VR technology.

Nexa Data can count on system and application skills, both in the Open Source and Microsoft world, dealing with all the players in the ICT market on a national scale.

The attention to software engineering techniques and the adoption of new ICT technologies, allows us to present our customers with very high standards in the consultancy field.

Nexa Data is committed to enhance, in accordance with the PDR 125:2022, the diversity present in the roles that operate in the organization and to maintaining processes capable of developing and empowering women in business activities. For gender equality policies, please refer to the following link (ita)


Develop each of our Software, with passion, curiosity and research.

Investing in teamwork, dividing tasks and multiplying success, becoming a point of reference in gaming, combining the old learning methods with the latest technologies.


Offering everyone the opportunity to explore every area of ​​human life, from gaming to work, through entertainment.